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Tracey Davis

::Tracey trots down the stairs. Around one corner, Pansy is running up, and they almost whack right into each other.:: "Oh, sorry Pansy... Are you all right?" ::Pansy, who is in tears, just glares at her and pounds up the stairs. Tracey shrugs, and walks into the common room.::

::Draco, stretched out one of the larger couches, looks mildly pleased with himself. Upon closer inspection.. is that a glimmer of remorse in his eye? Oops, nope. Just an eyelash, which he rubs a way before catching sight of Tracey entering the common room. He sits up, with the ever-winning smirk.:: "Alright, Davis?"

"Just fine, Draco," ::Tracey says, smiling at him. However, she frowns, and furrows her eyebrows.:: "Pansy just ran upstairs crying... I, er... I don't suppose you'd know anything about that, would you?" ::She sits down on the armchair just next to the couch.::

::Draco offers up half a shrug, and runs a hand through his hair.:: "I'll bet she's run up to tell Daphne Greengrass how she dumped me, and how badly she feels for doing so," ::Draco says snidely, again with that smirk, and he mutters something that sounds distinctly like "insufferable, vapid twit"::

"You... dumped her?" ::Tracey has to bite her lip to stop herself from grinning. -Look like a sympathetic friend,- she thinks to herself.:: "What... well, what happened?"

"What, you don't feel badly, do you?" ::Draco chuckles a bit, as he slouches into the squishy couch.:: "She bored me. I only asked her out to get her to stop hanging off me," ::Draco laughs again, this time with almost an ounce of pity.:: "I bet I could have literally had the brainless git eating out of my hand."

"Well... I suppose I have to, right? As Pansy's friend." ::Tracey leans on the armrest closest to the couch.:: "But I can understand how she bores you... Anyone who isn't a challenge just isn't interesting enough."

"You really are friends, then?" ::Draco asks, a small glint of mischief in his cold steel eyes.::

"Why? What did she say about me?" ::Tracey tilts her head and raises an eyebrow. Pansy talking to Draco about her behind her back? Trash talking her so that he wouldn't like her? What a catty bitch!::

::Draco smirks as his face lights up. There was nothing he liked better than a devious plot coming to fruition. He shrugs, and gets up slowly from the couch to cross the room and fiddle with a silk tapestry.:: "Now, I don't know if I should say.." ::Taunts Draco, his words dripping with feigned hesitance.::

::Tracey uses her sad puppy face to its full power.:: "Pleease, Draco? I promise I won't tell her you said anything." ::No matter what, she has to know what Pansy said about her. It's the only way she can tell Draco it's not true.::

"Well, okay, Tracey.." ::Draco slimily gives in, though unphased by the look she gave him. Draco sits back down, and leans in closer to Tracey, to whisper to her,:: "Pansy says you have a rather unclean reputation, if I caught her drift correctly.."

"She said what?" ::Tracey hisses.:: "That is completely untrue. You should know that." ::She sits back in her chair, absolutely fuming.

::Draco does his best not to crack a smile at how fantastically his plan was working, and also at how undeniably cute Tracey looked when she got angry.:: "She's also told this to Daphne, and you now how big of a mouth that Greengrass has got.." ::Draco trails off expertly, clearly wanting Tracey to believe that this rumour would be flying about the corridors any moment.::

::And it works. Tracey is horrified.:: "Oh, God... You don't think... She can't believe that, can she? Why would Pansy say that? She is such a bitch! It's a good thing you dumped her."

"I know, good thing, huh?" ::Draco feigns a look of concern, as if he were thinking about what would have happened if he hadn't dumped Pansy.::

::A thought suddenly crosses Pansy's mind.:: "You... You don't believe her, do you?" ::If Draco thought she was loose, it would just turn from bad to worse.:: "You know that I'm not... That I have a clean reputation, right?"

"Well I don't know, Tracey. Greengrass seemed to have no problem believing her, for all I know.." ::Another strategically placed trail-off. Draco makes a somewhat fatherly face at Tracey, and folds his arms.::

"I swear, she's lying. I swear it." ::-I'm not, I'm not, believe me, Draco...- Tracey pleads silently.:: "You know what she's like. She's a liar."

::Draco looks her in the eye, meaning to look as though he was making sure she was telling the truth, but he is clearly amused.:: "Alright, alright. I believe you, Tracey."

::Tracey exhales.:: "Thank you, Draco... I'm glad you trust me at least. God, I can't believe Pansy though... Did she say anything else?" ::Good, at least Draco knows that Pansy's a total liar. Tracey is obviously still mad as hell, though.::

"Half the time that girl rattles on, I don't pay attention.." ::Draco pauses, and makes sure Tracey is looking at him,:: "But I'm sure I'll think of something she's said."

"After all I've done for her, she turns on me like this? Well, thank you for telling me, Draco," ::Tracey says, placing a hand on his arm, and withdrawing it just as quickly. -He did just break up with Pansy... Maybe I shouldn't flirt with him just yet,- she thinks.::

::He smirks down at her hand, and smirks even wider when she pulls it away so fast. He did so enjoy this game.:: "Anything for a friend.."

::Tracey thinks Draco's smirking at her is more like a smile for a completely different reason, so she smiles back coyly.:: "So, friends? And Pansy is a bitchy liar?"

::Draco nods, and puts his hand out, the very left corner of his mouth turned up,:: "Cheers to the obvious."

::Tracey grins, and shakes his hand.:: "Cheers, Draco," ::she says, sighing inwardly. -He's so gorgeous... and smart... and single... Maybe I will get a date for the Pumpkin Ball.-::

::And now, to come to the final purpose of his whole extravagant ordeal. He settles lazily back into the couch, resting his arms beside him.:: "At least now I don't have to see Pansy all gussied up for that damn Pumpkin Ball.."
slytdavis: "I'm sure she won't even go. I mean, who would ask her? Except to get her to stop annoying them, of course." ::-He brought up the Pumpkin Ball? I wonder why...-:: "It would make the whole evening much better. Her face would ruin any party."

"So, now I've got to find myself another date. Who's your date, Davis?" ::Asks Draco strategically.::

"Me? Oh..." ::What to say? Should she sound desperate, or play hard to get? Should she tell the truth, or lie?:: "Well, I've had a couple of offers, but I don't have a date yet... Why do you ask?" ::Good. Go for the middle road. Lie truthfully.::

::Draco tries his best to look shocked, grey eyes wide.:: "A pretty little thing like you... no date? Tsk.." ::Draco shakes his head solemnly.::

::Tracey makes a noise somewhere between a laugh and a giggle.:: "Well, it's not as if you'll have to worry about a date, Draco... You've just become the most eligible bachelor in Slytherin. You'll have girls begging at your door."

"And what if I don't want any of them to be my date?" ::Draco lowers his voice, and sits up a bit straighter in his seat. He locks eyes with Tracey, so she can see there is not a trace of smirk.::

::Tracey's heart flutters, and she suddenly has trouble swallowing. She smiles at him.:: "I, er... I suppose you'll just have to tell them no... and ask whoever you want to ask."

"Or I could save all those people the trouble, and simply ask the prettiest girl in Slytherin to the ball," ::Draco says quietly, choosing his words carefully.::

"You could do that... But I'm sure lots of girls would be jealous," :: Tracey says, hardly believing the conversation she's having right now.::

"Is that a yes, or a no?"

::Tracey smiles.:: "It's an absolutely, Draco."

"Perfect," ::Draco announces. And, not one for mushy thank yous and smiles, and those watery-eyed faces girls make, he rises to his feet, and heads toward the boys dormitory, smiling Tracey a goodnight.::
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