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Mod Post

Hogsmead weekend coming up.

Plot ideas:
- A meeting between Voldie’s Youth is called. They meet, but some notes are found in the Library perhaps, outline of an attack on Hogwarts…
- Hagrid finds the note and takes it to Lupin. They discuss it
- They report to Dumbledore…
- They suspect some Slytherins
- They contact Fred and George to “bug” the Slytherin common room.
- Fred, George and Tonks stay at Hogwarts to do surveillance and keep an eye on things…
- Tonks has to convince her boss to be the Auror that gets to go.
- Fleur should contact Dumbledore for asylum… Gabriel could come to attend Hogwarts (She should be a Ravenclaw methinks) unless she is too young… I can’t remember…
- Tracy Davis is a good candidate for a double agent too… but that’s up to her player

-Lupin's RPer
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