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Tracey Davis

slytdavis: ::Tracey slides down in her favourite armchair, right in front of the fire. It's getting chilly outside, so she's staying in. She's just staring off into the fire; if she were anyone else, she'd probably have a book open and maybe be studying, but that just doesn't make sense.::

slythprincess6: ::Pansy came in through the common room entrance and closed the door with a slam behind her. She shivered as she walked over to the fire and began stripping off her heavy clothing. It was beginning to get colder at Hogwarts and she had just come from Herbology. She plopped down in a chair across from Tracey and tried to warm her hands.::

slytdavis: ::Tracey eyes Pansy cooly, almost appraising her. She straightens herself out, and ventures conversation.:: "When do you think we'll have a meeting then?" ::she asks, trying out the whole truce deal for the first time. Her eyes never leave the other girl's face.::

slythprincess6: ::Pansy looked in Tracey's direction, shocked to here her speaking, especially to her. Then she remembered the truce they had made about the Jr. DE meetings.::"Hopefully soon, but Draco isn't that orginized, it could take him ages to get our first meeting planned."

slytdavis: ::Tracey crossed her legs, trying to look more relaxed than she actually is.:: "I just hope it's soon. The Mudbloods are getting cocky, and I'm getting restless. Wouldn't you love to get Granger?" ::The only thing that unites the two girls is house loyalties, and Tracey decided to let bygones be bygones, at least openly, and just for now. So, instead of bragging about Draco, she'll talk about something they get both agree on.::

slythprincess6: ::Pansy let out a small chuckle, the thought of making Granger scared out of her mind was a welcoming thought. Much better than any other thoughts Tracey had given her recently. She tried to not think about Draco being with Tracey.:: "I think she should be first. Give her a good scare, show all the other Mudbloods to keep an eye open."

slytdavis: "She's the worst of the lot," ::Tracey agreed. She was surprised that they were both being quite civil.:: "The entire Hufflepuff house has to go, it's teeming with Mudbloods. Gryffindor, too. I guess Ravenclaw is the only house with decent people in it, but not very many."

slythprincess6: "There are very few decent people here, Dumbledore's ruined this place. I don't see how someone can be so in love with Mudbloods like he is, it's a disgrace." ::Pansy was beginning to relax more, she was starting to set aside most of her hatred toward Tracey. But there would always be that part of her that hated what she'd done.::

slytdavis: ::Tracey started dreaming now.:: "Could you imagine if the Dark Lord became Headmaster of Hogwarts? That would be a wonderful day," ::she said, resting her cheek on her hand, her elbow on the armrest.:: "This place would be wonderful if only he was in charge. We'd learn something useful for a change."

slythprincess6: "Hogwarts would be wonderful with him leading us. No more stupid DADA, we'd learn actual Dark Arts! And no more Granger, Potter or Weasley." ::Pansy also began to dream of a life without Dumbledore as Headmaster, and the Dark Lord instead. All she could think of was how great things would be.::

slytdavis: ::Tracey, out of habit, used an old name that Pansy had come up with early.:: "Potty and the Weasel. Classic. All the other Weasels would be gone, too, wiped off the face of the earth. Honestly, those Muggle-lovers bring such a bad name to Wizarding-kind." ::She sits back, and props her feet up on the footrest in front of her.::

slythprincess6: ::Pansy laughed at the use of the old nickname. There was one thing that Tracey and Pansy could still agree on it seemed. And that was their hate for Mudbloods and all whol loved them.:: "Which is exactly why they need to be gotten rid of. Or at least scared crazy." ::Pansy said, reffering to Tracey's comment on the disgrace that Potter and Weasley brought to the wizarding world.::

slytdavis: "Scared straight," ::Tracey corrected.:: "Certain Purebloods wouldn't be so bad if they only realized how disgusting Mudbloods are." ::She shrugged.:: "I mean, that's the problem, right? So if they would just agree to be proud of being pure, then it would be just fine."

slythprincess6: "Exactly, if they just learned that it isn't right to like Mudbloods, and that they are foul and dirty then things would be fine. So many people have grown acustom to Mudbloods that it's sickening. They need to learn that the Mudbloods are just invading the wizarding world. Taking up space where they arn't needed or wanted." ::The excitement inside Pansy was rising, she couldn't wait to go and show those stupid Mudbloods and muggle-lovers what happened when they messed with the Dark Lord. And show them the proper balance of things. She was tired of Mudbloods being too smart for their own good.:: "Granger especially." ::Pansy proclaimed:: "Who wants to be out-done by a stupid Mudblood? Purebloods should always be better than Mudbloods."

slytdavis: ::Tracey nodded.:: "If there's one thing every Slytherin should agree on, it's that." ::She tilted her head, surprised that Pansy and she could still agree on anything at all.:: "I guess that's why our house is stronger than all the others... Blood, of course, and the ability to agree on at least one thing."

slythprincess6: "Yes. And if there were ever a single person put in Slytherin would didn't agree that Mudbloods were scum, they'd find them self swimming with the squid. They certainly wouldn't be accepted here." Pansy was now completely relaxed, wrapped up in the conversation that she and Tracey were having. She just hoped Draco wouldn't show up, she knew that there was no use continuing after he showed up. Tracey and him would probably be too busy snogging to pay any attention to the conversation that had been going on, no matter how much she and Tracey had been getting along. Pansy thought to herself.::

slytdavis: ::Tracey laughed, nodding.:: "So true. Actually, they'd find themselves hexed, then they'd be chased into the Forest, dragged back, and thrown to swim with the squid." ::She wasn't exactly at ease with Pansy, but years of practice had made a good liar out of her. She couldn't forget what Pansy had called her.:: "Let's just hope that our group can help him, right?"

slythprincess6: "Yeah. I hope Draco makes up his mind soon about when we're going to meet. We need to act soon."

slytdavis: "Yeah..." ::Tracey had nothing to say to that. She actually had plans to meet up with Draco, but should tell Pansy that, not when they'd held a civil conversation. So, no matter how unlikely it sounds, she says,:: "I've actually got some reading to do for Divination, so if you'll excuse me..." ::She gets up and trots the steps to the girls' dormitory, waiting for Pansy to clear out of the common room so she can get to the lake.::
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