Prof. Remus Lupin (prof_rj_lupin) wrote in riddikulus_rpg,
Prof. Remus Lupin


I’m terribly sorry for the delayed reply. I just finished preparing a list of subjects I plan to cover with the older students. I will begin the year with a brief review, focusing especially on Patronus’, fighting the Imperius Curse, and nonverbal spells. I will then move onto a discussion of defenses against Inferi and the Cruciatus Curse. Once I feel the class has a good grasp on that, I will introduce magical methods of imprisonment, cloaking, advanced shields and basic first aid. With the younger students, I will probably begin with an accelerated discussion of the dark creatures, then move on to the unforgivable curses and then I will cover shields, imprisonment, and first aid. Are other teachers going to be returning for the school year? I assume other classes will go on, just with a specific focus on magic that will be useful in these difficult times.

I shall see you on the 1st of September
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