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Community FAQ

Welcome to Riddikulus! Hopefully you've taken a look around our userinfo page and are interested in joining our RPG. The following information can also be found at that page, but this format may be easier to navigate through.

First, some important information.

Members of the Order of the Phoenix and Hogwarts Staff are somewhat responsible for the plot and the entries that everyone will be posting. They are the ones who are informing the trio and basically the entire wizarding world about what is going on with Voldemort, the Death Eaters, the Ministry of Magic, and so on. This is where you get your creative license. Anything plausible will go (so basically the only restriction you have is that you cannot kill off any characters) and if you have any questions regarding this, you may contact me.

Please take note that these characters require quite a bit of extra responsibility.

I know everyone loves the Marauders, and although I initially wanted to keep things strictly cannon, I think that RPing will be much more interesting with people from the Marauders era joining our present-day Hogwarters. Please contact me if you would like to play any of these characters. I must remind you that you are responsible for tying up loose ends, like how they are even around and stuff like that.

I think that's it for now.

Q: How do I join?
A: Copy and paste the application into an email.

You may also instant message me if you want quicker feedback. Please contact me or one of the other mods if you have any questions. The contact info can be found here.

whenbroken - [weezlyismyking]
utstgdwktp - [utstgdwktp]

Q: Where can I find the application?
A: The application can be found both here and in the community userinfo.

Q: Which characters are available for RPing?
A: The list of characters both taken and available for RPing can be in the userinfo. Announcements will be made on the community page when new members join.

Q: Can I RP a character who's not found on the list?
A: Yes, but no original characters please.

Q: How often should I post?
A: Students are urged to post once a week, and important characters at least once a week, especially holidays. The bare minimum required, however, is once every two weeks. Any less than that will land you with a sacking. Teachers are only required to post once every two weeks, although more would be highly recommended.

Q: How are teachers different than students?
A: Unfortunately, teachers always seem to have a considerably less amount of interaction than the students do, but that's why they aren't required to post as often. They do bare a bit of responsibility for the ongoings at Hogwarts though, so assigning homework is necessary. Homework should be in question-answer or essay form. Ideally, it shouldn't require too much research, but it should require quite a bit of thought.

Q: Am I allowed to give suggestions on how the game is played?
A: Of course! Suggestions are always welcome -- anything to better the game or make it more enjoyable will be thoughtfully considered. Just contact one of the mods.

Q: Is there an age requirement to join?
A: Nope, definitely not. Age doesn't determine how knowledgeable someone is about the Harry Potter world at all.

Q: If I am in more than one RPG, can I use the same RP journal?
A: To eliminate unnecessary confusion, RP journals should be strictly for Riddikulus.

Q: Do I need AIM to join?
A: No, AIM is not required, although it does make RPing a lot easier, especially when it comes to important plot issues.

Q: Can I RP more than one character?
A: Of course! Just make sure that you don't overwhelm yourself and that none of your characters will suffer because of it.

Any more questions, feel free to ask! Answers will be posted, so check back for updates if you'd like.

Jen (your lovely and talented maintainer)
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