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Tracey Davis

slythprincess6: ::Pansy was sitting in a overstuffed chair near the fire. She had her knees drawn up to her chest and she sat scribbling on a piece of parchment. Her eyes were still slightly puffy and red from the crying she had done in her dorm earlier. She was still suffering from being dumped by Draco::

slytdavis: ::Tracey struts (not walks, struts) into the common room. She glances over at Pansy with a sadistic smile.:: "Oh, hello Pansy... How was your day?"

slythprincess6: ::Pansy looks up from her work and sneers at Tracey:: "What do you want?" ::Pansy tries to hide her emotions, she doesn't want Tracey to know that she had been crying over Draco. That would only make it more pleasurable for her::

slytdavis: ::Tracey shrugs, and takes a seat across from Pansy.:: "Oh, nothing... We just haven't talked in a while," ::she says, crossing her legs.:: "I didn't see you in Hogsmeade today... Why was that?"

slythprincess6: "I had work to do, I am taking more NEWT classes than you." ::Pansy smirked, that was one thing Pansy had and Tracey didn't. Pansy was smart and she was ready to use that against Tracey if she needed to.::

slytdavis: ::Tracey's smile falters for just a second.:: "Oh, too bad... See, Draco and I stopped in for a drink at the Three Broomsticks, and then I bought new robes for the Pumpkin Ball." ::Of course, she doesn't mention that when she walked into the Broomsticks, there was a group of girls around Draco, and he was loving the attention, but that doesn't matter. She's just saying this for the reaction.:

slythprincess6: "Oh, really?" ::There is slight hint of jealousy in Pansy's voice. "Calm down, Pansy. She's just trying to upset you." Pansy thinks to herself.:: "Sounds like you too had a nice day then." ::The jealousy dies from her voice and she says this slighty sincere, but mostly sarcastic.::

slytdavis: "We did," ::Tracey says, somewhat disappointed that Pansy isn't insanely jealous.:: "I can't wait until the Pumpkin Ball. It's going to be brilliant. Which reminds me... Do you have a date yet?" ::As much as Pansy was ready to flaunt the fact that she's smart, Tracey was prepared to mock the fact that she stole Pansy's date right out from under her nose.::

slythprincess6: ::Pansy glanced away from Tracey for a moment. She knew this was coming, yet she didn't want to admit that she was dateless because of her.:: "Not yet, I'm having trouble choosing who to take. I of course won't be going alone." ::Pansy said this with confidence, now looking back at Tracey. She was too proud of a person to let Tracey Davis get to her.:: "I've already picked out my robes in fact, they're beautiful."

slytdavis: ::-No, you just won't be going,- Tracey thinks, but says,:: "Well, that's good. Then you won't be embarrassed, right?" ::Tracey hides her vindictiveness with her stupidity.:: "What do your robes look like, Pansy?"

slythprincess6: "Embarrassed? Why would I ever be in embarrased. Even if I do end up going alone, I'll still be the most beautiful girl there." ::Pansy sticks her nose slightly in the air, she's getting slightly tired of Tracey.:: "As for my robes, they're a gorgeous aqua blue. Floor length and billowy. Much better than yours I bet." ::Pansy is trying for anything she can to make Tracey jealous and upset.::

slytdavis: "Oh, I'm sure you will," ::Tracey says, in the same tone you would tell a crazy person that they were just fine.:: "Oh, my robes are beautiful... They're a bright red, with black trim... Beautiful. I absolutely adore them, you know?" ::Tracey's not going to let Pansy get to her. Or she's going to try not to, anyways, but she can't keep all the annoyance out of her voice. Even while she knows that Draco thinks she's prettier than Pansy.

slythprincess6: "Yes, they sound nice. And I bet Draco adores them." ::Pansy says this last bit with a distastful tone in her voice. She wished she was still the one Draco lusted for, not Tracey.:: "Well, I better be going. I still have to finish this essay for Snape's class." ::Pansy grabs her things and puts them in her bag as she says this. She's tired of fighting with Tracey, she wants to get away before she does something she'll regret.:: "Good night then, Tracey." ::As Pansy stands up she mutters under her breath something about Tracey being a slut, too quiet for Tracey to understand. Pansy turns from the chair and begins to stalk out of the room.::

slytdavis: "Goodnight, Pansy," ::Tracey says, and then mutters something herself about Pansy being a bitch, but throws a fake smile after her.::
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