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1. Always use correct grammar and spelling.
2. Try to stay in character. We are sticking with the canon. Of course you can make your character your own, but don't do anything that is highly unlikely to happen in the books.
3. Use LJ-cut for private messages and owls. Owls and announcements are to be made in the community.
4. If you want your character's icon to be of himself/herself, it doesn't have to be of an actor/actress from the HP movies, but it cannot be of a celebrity. Again, don't stray too far from the canon.
5. You must be a dedicated RPer. For more information, read the FAQ.
6. No killing or doing anything else drastic to the other characters.
7. Fandom relationships are permitted as long as they are realistic and pertain to the canon. If you want something like Cho/Draco, however, gradually build their relationship up. Things like these never happen overnight.
8. Discussions between characters must be held on the comments pages, and AIM conversations should be recorded and posted in the community page.
9. All members must be added to your friends list.
10. You must alert the community if you are going to have an extended absence.
11. You must own a separate journal strictly for RPing.
12. RPing must be done in the first person perspective, but short scenarios/fics may be written in third person and posted in the community page.
13. NO ADVERTISING FOR OTHER COMMUNITIES. We really don't care about your icon community, even if it's great. If you really think it's a good idea, ask the actual people in IM or something.
14. You may apply for multiple characters, but keep in mind that RPing one is enough work. Don't burn yourself out; it's better to give one character your all.


Character you want to RP:
Why you chose that character:
About your character:
Short sample entry (first person please!):

NOTE: We ask you that you please copy and paste this application into an email addressed to supfiggy@gmail.com, or for a possibly quicker response, IM one of the moderators so your claim and journal name can be confirmed as soon as possible. Thanks.

LIST OF CHARACTERS: (Feel free to apply for someone we may have missed.) Friends List Console

Harry Potter -
Ron Weasley -
Katie Bell -
Lavender Brown -
Colin Creevy -
Seamus Finnigan -
Hermione Granger - not_a_dentist
Neville Longbottom -
Parvati Patil -
Ginny Weasley - claimed
Dean Thomas -

Stewart Ackerly -
Terry Boot -
Michael Corner -
Mandy Brocklehurst -
Cho Chang -
Padma Patil -
Lisa Turpin -
Luna Lovegood -

Millicent Bulstrode -
Vincent Crabbe -
Gregory Goyle -
Terence Higgs -
Draco Malfoy - ___malfoy
Blaise Zabini -
Pansy Parkinson -
Adrian Pucey -
Tracey Davis - t_davis

Hannah Abbot -
Susan Bones -
Owen Cauldwell -
Justin Finch-Fletchley -
Ernie Macmillan -
Zacharias Smith -

Alumni/Other Schools:
Viktor Krum -
Roger Davies -
Fleur Delacour -
Charlie Weasley -
Bill Weasley -
Fred Weasley -
George Weasley -
Percy Weasley -
Angelina Johnson -
Marcus Flint -
Lee Jordan -
Oliver Wood -

Professor Binns -
Professor Flitwick -
Rubeus Hagrid - mad_and_hairy
Madam Hooch -
Remus Lupin -
Minerva McGonagall -
Professor Sinistra -
Professor Slughorn -
Severus Snape -
Pamona Sprout -
Sibyll Trelawney -
Professor Vector -

Other Adults/The Order/Death Eaters:
Argus Filch -
Mad-Eye Moody -
Kingsley Shacklebot -
Nymphadora Tonks -
Rita Skeeter - _ritaskeeter
Cornelius Fudge -
Tom Riddle/Voldemort -
Madam Pomfrey -
Madam Pince -
Ludovic Bagman -
Mundungus Fletcher -
Lucius Malfoy -
Narcissa Malfoy -
Arthur Weasley -
Molly Weasley -

Bloody Baron -
Fat Friar -
Peeves -
Dobby -
Firenze -
Moaning Myrtle -
Winky -
Kreacher -
Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington -


Jia (moderator): thechimbley - [weezlyismyking] ronaldweasleyismyking@hotmail.com
Aimee (co-moderator): nofutureforyou - [heart is a tomb] serpenscelsus@aol.com

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